Interfaces and system connection

Interfaces and system connection at EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment

Our fulfillment offer is convincing because of high-quality interfaces and system connections. We ensure that the technical side operates perfectly. It requires Highly functional software to perform our services on this level. Many processes are carried out centrally, so that the work is simplified and made clearer. EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment offers you interfaces to various software systems.

Different requirements

The requirements are not always the same for every customer. Many have individual ERP systems or shop software.
Even if you cannot find your system in our lists - we are always looking for new solutions that we can implement in our existing working model. Please contact us so that we can plan your interface so that we can optimally integrate it into your business processes.
If necessary, we can also address your system natively and do without automated interfaces.

Shopify as a cloud shop system for online trading is particularly easy to use for beginners. Creating an attractive online shop is easily possible without any programming knowledge . Shopify offers its customers a large selection of themes and designs that are highly customizable when designing the shop. Shopify currently has over a million active users and 800,000 companies that trust the shop system.

JTL stands for e-commerce par excellence! The German company relies on complete solutions that are constantly being updated with new applications. Interfaces are also a core competence. The JTL Fulfillment Network is an excellently integrated system for every online retailer. Many dealers already know JTL-Merchandise Management. JTL offers very powerful systems for inventory management and warehouse management. Compared to other providers, a lot of functions and possibilities are united. Possibilities for the automation of the Workflows and other processes make JTL an indispensable tool for online trading for many. EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment works with JTL through the JTL Fulfillment Network. With this application we can connect your system and you can easily use our fulfillment services. It is an nearly real-time interface that connects online retailers and fulfillment service providers. Outsourced warehouses can be competently managed from a distance. We would also be happy to integrate your system and ensure a functional process flow.

WooCommerce advertises itself to be the most customizable eCommerce platform on the market. Of course, this primarily addresses online retailers who are encouraged to create their shop here. WooCommerce thinks globally and even if you only have to limit yourself to Germany or the DACH region today, all options are long available to conquer the global market. At WooCommerce, every retailer can find their own solution. With about 70 Million downloads ist WooCommerce one of the most popular platforms for online trading.


Billbee is the complete solution for cross-channel retailers and automates many processes for order processing and inventory management. Many small and medium-sized sellers are convinced of the opportunities offered to manage all business processes zu verwalten . The lean concept includes data management, article maintenance and orders. As an merchandise management system , billbee handles the administration of payments and creates your invoices fully automatically. Take advantage of the large number of marketplaces. We are able to fully integrate billbee.

Shopware has made a name for itself primarily as an online shop system and is considered a specialist in the shop area. Anyone who runs their shop through this provider has certainly had positive developments in recent years. The fact is that the mobile templates in particular perform extremely well and regularly give their owners a very good ranking. In combination with the ERP solution , Shopware is ideal for online trading. We have already implemented an interface for Shopware shops and there is a native connection to our system. This enables our warehouse to work closely with Pickware, Shopware's online trading solution. Corresponding shop owners can use our services without restrictions.

If you are looking for a open source software for online trading, PrestaShop is the right option. The software solution is already used worldwide by over 250,000 online shops . For a small price, retailers can create a fully functional online shop.

We not only work with ready-made interfaces, but also have the competence to develop or further develop interfaces to partner systems ourselves. We develop these operations using a REST-API. If the system you are using does not yet have a way of connecting it in another way, we can talk about this option. No matter whether CSV, XML or even email. Together we will find a highly functional way to connect your shop and your merchandise management to our system. In the future you will benefit from the data transfer and the clear presentation, while we take care of the implementation and start with the fulfillment of your goods.