Our Service: Pre-FBA

EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment offers services of the highest quality. For Amazon retailers we offer the option of a pre-FBA warehouse. Your benefit: High-speed delivery and optimized costs for logistics. We love to persuade you by giving you further information about the pre-FBA procedure.


What is Amazon-FBA?

More and more companies trust the fulfillment-service “Amazon FBA” by Amazon. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) offers up many possibilities to merchants. On top of just selling their products on that marketplace, they now can let the shipment of their products be handled by Amazon. On top of that, FBA includes many other logistical services starting with warehousing, shipping and also the management of returns. The interesting part for many merchants is the excellent infrastructure, Amazon has to offer. Especially smaller Online-Retailers and Start-Ups can use those advantages. They benefit from all the benefits that enable quicker growth and an increase in their range.
Next, to all those services, it must be said that Amazon does not offer individual fulfillment-services. It is very important to include regular check-ups in the process to make sure everything works out with your inventory. You should also keep in mind that your products will be shipped with the official Amazon-branding and not your CI. That can decrease your uniqueness and identity as a brand.

What is Pre-FBA?

You use FBA but also value your unique selling points as well as your individual fulfillment? EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment is a professional fulfillment-service-provider and offers the right solution for you. You can lower your logistical costs by using a pre-warehouse without having to compromise when it comes to quick shipment. We offer you our warehouse-space as well as a big catalog of additional services. You are looking for a short-term or long-term warehouse-solution? No problem at all! We take our time and consult you on the topic of pre-FBA. Our focus is on uniqueness and scalability. In our portfolio, you will find that pre-FBA includes many services that can be chosen exactly as you need them. And if you find yourself needing more or fewer services in the future, it is no problem to make a change.

Take the opportunity and benefit from working together with EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment.

Our Pre-FBA-Services

• Incoming goods inspection
• Visual inspection
• Photography control check
• Exchange of damaged packaging or goods
• Inserts
• Refinement
• Storage and warehousing
• Continuous communication
• Shipment preparation
• Shipping

Your Pre-FBA benefits

• Flexible offers without minimum quantities or long contract terms
• Handling of complaints and returns
• Cheap storage and warehousing options
• No unnecessary costs for storage or labor
• No hidden fees
• Quick responses
• High reliability and transparency
• Professional acceptance of goods
• Individual services can be booked additionally