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We are your competent contact, fortified by many years of experience in fulfillment, offering you both complete logistical solutions and additional services suitable for your products.

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Our services

Our Services
We take over the storage, processing, and delivery of your online orders. Trust in our professional and efficient logistics ensuring that the ordered goods reach your customers quickly and safely.


We provide you with the ideal storage space suitable for your products, which saves you from renting stacking ground. Additionally, you can rely on a safe and efficient storage plus a professional inventory management.

Order Processing

We take care of the processing of your customer orders, including checking the details of the order, picking products from the warehouse and preparing them for dispatch.


We look after the safe and secure packaging to avoid damage in transit and to ensure that your goods reach the customer safely.

Returns Management

We'll coordinate return shipping, inspect returned items, and process refunds or exchanges subject to your company's return policy to ensure a smooth process.

Shipping and Delivery

In cooperation with our logistics network, we ensure that orders are shipped quickly, track the shipping status and coordinate delivery dates. Finally, we ensure that the products reach the customers swiftly and in good order.
With our expertise and commitment to quality,  ensuring the safe and reliable handling of promotion materials, we play a crucial role in supporting marketing campaigns in the backend.

Publicity Stunt Support Behind the Scenes

We offer efficient packaging of materials, creation of microsites and smooth handling of sales promotion and marketing campaigns.

Automated Data Capture from Return Campaigns

By gaining valuable information about customer preferences and behavior, we enable targeted adjustment of future marketing strategies.

Optimization of the Display Establishment

Supported by various systems, we optimize your processes and enable you time as well as resource savings when setting up the display.

Clearing as an Essential Tool for Companies

By using advanced technologies, we enable the effective implementation of marketing activities and maximize the success of campaigns.
Value Added Services
Value-added services play a crucial role in today's marketing. They offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their customer relationships and increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling. We support you to retain existing customers in the long term providing targeted inbound and retention measures.

Churn & Winback Strategy

We help you to win back lost customers through personalized offers, exclusive discounts or improved customer service. This will strengthen your purchasers loyalty in the long term

Ecommerce Consulting

We support your business in developing an effective strategy, including online marketing activities such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to increase visibility and reach.

Marketing Campaigns

Implementing targeted advertising measures and professional design services, we address your target group and increase your brand awareness by means of attractive and professional marketing materials.

Risk Management

We offer you security by helping you to minimize or avoid risks. This can be done through counseling services or insurance.

Web Design

Web design and high-quality product photography play a crucial role in a successful online presence. A professionally designed website inspires trust and increases conversion rates, while appealing product photography captures customer interest and increases the likelihood of a purchase.
Your Advantages with EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment
Value-added services play a crucial role in today's marketing. They enable companies to strengthen their customer relationships and increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling. We can support you to retain existing customers in the long-term through targeted inbound and retention measures.

More efficient storage, faster packing and prompt shipping

Saving of personnel costs and administrative expenses for logistics employees

Traceable logistics processes and transport chains

Scalable storage systems - easy adjustment to order quantities

Reducing the logistical effort saves time and money

Smooth process flow from goods receipt to goods issue

Lower error rates through automation

Increasing customer satisfaction ultimately leads to higher sales

About us
The History of EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment
In 2011, EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment was originally founded as a department of EMIRAT AG. This area specialized in sales promotion and marketing campaigns as well as logistics. Thereby, this devision was responsible for all tasks resulting from the response and processing of customer-reactions.
As a result, EMIRAT H&F supplemented the portfolio and range of services of the parent company EMIRAT AG and was also available as an independent service partner without promotional insurance.

With increasing demand and a growing customer base, this area was spun off in 2018 as an independent subsidiary, EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment GmbH & Co. KG. Shortly thereafter, the expansion and move to the current location in Dachau took place. We are a logistics service provider for individual, scalable e-commerce and fulfillment solutions.

Our focus is on the efficient handling of the entire shop logistics process, starting with goods receipt through to shipping to the customer. As a competent partner with many years of experience in fulfillment, we support you with customer-specific logistics solutions. Our experienced, trustworthy team is happy to work for you and offers professional services.

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