The EMIRAT cashback services

EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment appreciates the cooperation with its partners so much that we regularly reward them. Cashback is an important part of our partnerships. Regardless of whether you are a customer or a partner agency, if you refer us to a new customer and recommend us to appropriate companies, you have earned a premium.

Customer recruits customer (cashback)

Cashback is a popular bonus program from EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment that many companies and partners have already used. You benefit twice from the recommendation. If your customers ask for a fulfillment provider, they have the right recommendation ready. While you continue to benefit from your customer loyalty . At the same time, you will receive a cash reward* for every successfully mediated customer with whom we will work in the future for fulfillment, handling and clearing.  .*

* after creating the first invoice to the new customer.

When placing a customer, secure a payment of 150,-€ per customer

Your benefits:

  • You offer your customers a suitable solution.
  • You convey a professional fulfillment expert to your customers.
  • You will receive a cashback premium for each customer you refer.


We look forward to you as a new partner!

Benefit from Cashback and a bonus of over 150,- euros if you successfully win a new customer for our fulfillment offer (not PRE-FBA). 

Have you already recommended us or would you like to recommend us to one of your customers? Take advantage of our cashback campaign and talk to us about your options. Contact us using our contact form. Of course, we can also be reached by phone during business hours. If you have any questions we can be reached at any time.