Our service: Call-Center Services

EMIRAT Handling & Fulfillment provides the necessary customer-care for your company. According to what your company needs, we can take care of inbound and outbound services here at EMIRAT.

Your partner for inbound and outbound marketing, and call-center

Our complete catalog of products and services all around the fulfillment industry also includes call-center-marketing. We offer you inbound and outbound services and support your staff in B2B and B2C. This way you can focus on your core business. Contact us and get more information about our offer.

Inbound Call-Center

Inbound Call-Center means that our employees answer incoming calls of your customers. Perhaps your customer wants to make an order, has a complaint or seeks a conversation for a different reason. We answer in the name of your company and help you with this classical customer-service task.

Our Inbound Services

Customer Service

For the classic customer service in inbound-call-center, customers often wish for a quick solution for their problems. Our employees are skilled to handle these sorts of situations. They provide a nice and positive atmosphere during the conversation. We also offer you a very high percentage of actual solutions to help you bond with your customers. At the same time, our staff uses customer service calls for cross- or upselling success. They mention better or different products and services to your customers and increase your sales.


Sometimes your customers call to quit a subscription or a working relationship. In these cases, the tone of the conversation is essential. Often times, a company is interested in the reason for this step. They look for a talk and hope to make things right with unsatisfied customers. Problems and misconceptions should be solved. Our Employees help you to preserve the consumer-relationship. Our staff is schooled in these types of talks and they help you to keep your customers.

Outbound Call-center

Outbound services are those kinds of calls that your company makes. Customers or potential new customers get called. Often times this is part of a telephone-marketing campaign. We would love to work as your partner and support you in your outbound services and make calls in your name.

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Our Outbound-Services

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Often your customers have no idea about your company’s actual catalog of goods and services, even if they would be interested in many of your products. Our employees seek a conversation and raise interest in your customers so they want to buy another or a better product. Those types of sales calls have to be made in a very sensible way. It is most important to listen to the tone your customer uses to not upset them. Our employees get schooled for those situations so they can develop a true sales talent.

B2B Call-Center

Even in B2B, there are a lot of needs for call-center services. If you wish, we take care of your telephone-support, schedule your meetings or provide cross- and upselling services. We monitor marketing or email marketing campaigns to help you keep your focus on your core business.
Our service is very personal and individual so it can grow with your company. We bill you true to the minute and offer you all the classic call-center services. You benefit from or optimum reachability and our full service with very low overhead.

Churn and Winback

The loss of customers is annoying. In most cases, your company will be interested to win them back. But a new start isn’t always easy. Our employees help you to seek out a conversation with lost customers to try and win them back. Churn means to identify those customers with a high risk of switching to your competition. We analyze your customers to find out about certain triggers like complaint calls or a lack of new orders. As soon as we identify the risk, we target these customers especially and work to establish a better relationship to keep them from quitting.

Marketing campaigns

Last but not least, our outbound call-center services can be used to accompany your marketing campaigns. Do you have a lottery planned or want to release a new product? It could make sense to reach as many people as possible with this. If you wish, we contact your customers and work for the success of your campaign.